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Sixty years ago, I enjoyed the popular ABC black-and-white television game show Beat the Clock. "America's number one clock watcher" and host, Bud Collyer, gave contestants simple, fun assignments. On one episode, a lady had to balance a dinner plate on a...

On August 23, 2017, I received word that hospital-pharmacy icon and dear friend, Kenneth N. Barker, passed away earlier that morning. Below is a blog I wrote upon his retirement in 2009. I have made a few edits to bring it up to date. I’ve been...

This morning I reread a helpful blog from Well Said’s CEO, Darlene Price. Her subject line, “STAND OUT IN THE INBOX: Writing Emails That Get Results,” delivered on its promise, which is nothing new for Darlene. The first of five best practices...

2030. A robot, a dog, and a pharmacist walk into a bar. A chatty bar tender learns that his three customers comprise the entire pharmacy department of the large hospital in town. When asked what each does, the robot starts, “I prepare medications.”...

Tucked in Monday’s e-mail, I found an oxymoronic invitation: “Dear Mark, Tuesday morning, November 3, at 9:30, Amazon Books will open its doors. These aren’t metaphorical doors; these real, wooden doors are the entrance to our new store.” Struck...

Whoever concluded we are direct descendants of apes must have missed Solomon’s advice about considering ants. Seriously, nonhuman primates travel light. More like ants, we humans spend our days schlepping stuff around. We pack suitcases and...


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