About Point of Care Forum

Point of Care Forum was simultaneously launched with The TerraPharma Project in 2005 by Mark Neuenschwander, President of The Neuenschwander Company (Bellevue WA) and Jamie Kelly, President of Entropy Research (San Diego CA).

The mission of the Project was to move hospitals out of the clouds and into the weeds—beyond dreaming to actually implementing bar-code point-of-care technologies to protect patients and caregivers—especially during the medication administration process.

For nearly a decade, the Project held unconventional meetings dubbed The unSUMMIT for Healthcare Barcoding. When the first meeting was convened, around five percent of hospitals were scanning at the bedside. After a decade of unSUMMITs, over two-thirds of America’s hospitals (representing around three-fourths of beds) were scanning most patients and medications at the point of care.

In the Spring of 2015, having deemed the endeavor a success, its founders elected to sunset The unSUMMIT and turn the lights off at The TerraPharma Project.

Today, The Neuenschwander Company hosts pointofcareforum.com to continue promoting adoption and best practices not only for medication administration but also for other areas where positive patient, product, and process ID are critical.

While it remains committed to its mission of “promoting and facilitating wise development and sound deployment of medication-use technologies,” The Neuenschwander Company is currently giving attention to bar-code medication preparation systems.

Link here to information about the company’s latest report: IN THE CLEAN ROOM: A Review of Technology-Assisted Sterile Compounding Systems in the US.



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